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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Massive Kalibo rabies vaccination set

On Thursday, 31 October 2013, 14:30, PIA KALIBO wrote: KALIBO, Aklan, October 31 (PIA6) -- The municipality of Kalibo, in coordination with various public and private entities,will be conducting a massive Rabies Vaccination Drive this month of November. The mass rabies vaccination in Kalibo, according to Dr. Janna Rose Menez, will be held from November of this year up to February 2014 with the help of the Bill and Melinda Gates (BMG) Foundation, the Depatment of Agriculture Regional Field Unit 6 in Iloilo City, Department of Health, Provincial Government of Aklan, and the Office of the Provincial Veterinarian. Dr. Menez said the vaccination of dogs in the municipality of Kalibo will be free and will be done through the house-to-house approach. Because of this, the local government of Kalibo through the Municipal Agricultural Services Division (MASD) which will be conducting the vaccination, is advising dog owners in the municipality to have their dogs dewormed first. The conduct of dog vaccination in Kalibo starting November is in consonance with the yearly observance of Mass Rabies Vaccination Drive throughout the nation, with the aim of making the province and the whole country rabies-free by 2020. During the mass rabies vaccination, the dogs will also be registered, in keeping with Municipal Ordinance No. 2012-015 Section 7 – which calls for the payment of registration fee for dogs and large animals. Just recently, the island of Boracay and the island province of Guimaras were declared rabies-free by the DOH. These areas are the first to be declared in Western Visayas and the DOH and DA top officials who led the event expressed optimism then that soon, other provinces in the region will also be declared rabies-free. (JCM/VGV PIA6 Aklan)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Aklan voters rate barangay elections peaceful

KALIBO, Aklan, October 29 (PIA6)—The shorter time for a voter to stay inside the polling place to vote, the designation of a specific polling place for senior citizens, pregnant women and persons with disabilities and the deployment of Philippine National Police (PNP) personnel at polling places contributed much to the conduct of a peaceful and orderly barangay elections in the province of Aklan. This observance was the general sentiment of the voting public in the province when they trooped to polling precincts to vote for their new batch of barangay officials in their respective barangays and towns. In Poblacion Kalibo, with 9,641 voters – the highest in the municipality, voting started upon opening of precincts at 7:00 a.m. at two designated polling places – the Kalibo Pilot Elementary School (KPES) and the Kalibo Integrated Special Education Center (KISEC). Aklan has been identified by the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) to have two election areas of concern which were Barangay Sigcay in Banga and Barangay Mataphao in New Washington, Aklan, which were given proper attention by the government by deploying elements of the PNP and the Philippine Army from the 12th Infantry Battalion based at Camp Jizmundo, Libas, Banga, Aklan. Except for a complaint from a household who were barred from voting in Sigcay as their forefingers were already tainted with indelible ink when they showed up to vote, no other untoward incidents were reported emanating from the said areas. The Castro Family composed of 5 members who were barred from voting, alleged that their forefingers were tainted with indelible ink already early in the morning by a barangay tanod. Meanwhile, 85 inmates of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) were also able to exercise t

Aklanon News: Barangay election sa Aklan, nangin matawhay

KALIBO, Aklan, Oktubre 30 (PIA6) -- Ro madali nga tyempo sa pagboto, pagbutang it separado nga boeotohan para sa mga magueang, mga nabdus ag may mga diperensya sa eawas ag ro pagbutang it mga katapu it Philippine National Police sa mga lugar ku eleksyon ro nakabulig it mabahoe sa pagpatigayon sa Aklan it sangka matawhay ag maayos nga barangay eleksyon. Raya ro eaban nga nangin obserbasyon it mga Akeanon nga nag-aeadto sa mga presinto it boeotohan ku Oktubre 28, 2013 agud iboto ro andang mga nahamut-an nga masunod nga magapamuno sa andang mga barangay sa mga banwa it Aklan. Ro Poblacion Kalibo nga may mga botante nga 9,641 ag pinakamataas sa bilog nga banwa ro nagbukas it mga presinto kara sa Kalibo Pilot Elementary School (KPES) ag Kalibo Integrated Special Education Center (KISEC) it alas 7 sa agahon ag eagi man nga nagpatigayon it botohan. Gintumod it Commission on Elections (COMELEC) ro Aklan nga may daywang (2) “election areas of concern” nga imaw rong Barangay Sigcay sa Banga ag Barangay Mataphao sa New Washington nga gintaw-an man it nagakaigo nga igtaeupangud it gobyerno paagi sa pagbutang idto it mga katapu it Philippine National Police ag Philippine Army halin sa 12th Infantry Battalion nga nakabase sa Camp Jizmundo, Libas, Banga, Aklan. Samtang, 58 nga mga inmates nga nakahunong sa Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) ro nakapatigayon it pagboto idto mismo sa sueod it pasilidad. Madali eamang ro nangin proseso it pagboto idto, suno kay BJMP-Aklan Jail Officer Allan Lariosa, bangud natapos ra eagi it alas 8:30 it agahon. Suno sa listahan it COMELEC-Aklan, may 676 nga mga kandidato ro nagdaeagan sa posisyob nga barangay chairman sa bilog nga probinsya samtang 5,620 ro nagdaeagan para barangay kagawad. Pila man nga mga kandidato para barangay chairman ro nagdaeagan nga owa it kontra, pareho sa Balete nga napueo (10) sa dose (12) nga mga kandidato ro owa it nagkontra, samtang ro ibang mga banwa hay may una man nga owa it nagkontra, pero pinaka abo ro sa Balete. (JSC/VGV-PIA6 Aklan)

Friday, October 25, 2013

Aklan men's group calls for end of violence against women, children

KALIBO, Aklan, October 24 (PIA6) -- As the nation celebrates Children’s Month this October, the Men Opposed to Violence Against Women Everywhere (MOVE) Aklan Chapter is calling for more vigilance and concerted action to put an end to violence against the province’ children. MOVE-Aklan issued this call amidst report from the Child Protection Unit (CPU) here housed at the Daeangpan it mga Kababayen-anit Aklan that as of October 8 of this year, child abuse cases reached 73. Of these cases, 55 were victims of sexual abuse and 14 suffered physical abuses, with ages of victims ranging from 12 to 15. “The report also cited that there were more victims whose ages range from 2-8 years old”, MOVE-Aklan said in its issued statement on Children’s Month celebration. The men’s movement said that Children’s Month is an opportune time for all sectors of Aklanon Society to make a stand to put an end to exploitation of children, as in most cases, the persons who are the supposed protectors of these children are the abusers and perpetrators of said dastardly acts. To end the abuses, MOVE-Aklan called on all Aklanons, concerned agencies, families, parents, schools and non-government organizations to operationalize the Barangay Council for the Protection of Children (BCPC), educate children of their rights and appealed to all Aklanon men to respect and love not only the women but also the boys and girls – the children. MOVE-Aklan also said everyday should be made a Children’s Day by freeing the children from violence and abuse. MOVE-Aklan, currently headed by Jones Arrieta of Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) here as President, is an organization of principled Aklanon men working towards the elimination of Gender-Based Violence and adhering to the principle of never to commit and condone Violence Against Women (VAW). This year’s Children’s Month theme is “Kahirapan Wakasan, Karapatan ng Bata Ipaglaban!”(VGV PIA6 Aklan)

Beware of plumped-up chicken, botcha - FNRI-DOST

KALIBO, Aklan, October 24 (PIA6) -- Ever wondered why the 1 kilogram-dressed chicken you bought from the market shrunk upon going home and shed water? Chances are, according to a lecture of the Food and Nutrition Research Institute – Department of Science and Technology (FNRI-DOST) here during the NUTRICOMNET monitoring meeting and media forum held October 24 at the DOST-Aklan Provincial Science and Technology Center, Provincial Capitol Compound, Kalibo, the chicken might have been plumped, by injecting it with water to add weight to the meat. This and other current issues on Food Safety, like nitrates and nitrItes and “botcha”, were presented by Victor Alfonso, who lectured on Food Fortification and Food Safety. Alfonso said that in the United States, plumping is a process by which some chicken companies inject raw chicken meat with salt water, chicken stock and seaweed extract supposedly to make the meat tastier and juicier. In the Philippines however, Alfonso said the practice is done by unscrupulous businessmen in order to earn more, at the expense of the consumers. Plumping chickens is very disadvantageous too, as it will be more expensive for consumers because of additional 15-39% additional weight; unhealthy because the chicken contains 200-500 mg sodium per serving versus 45-70 mg in unplumped chicken, increases risk of hypertension and heart attack; and may be unsafe, because in the Philippines, where plumping is unregulated, the safety of the solution used in plumping is unsure. As for nitrates, its use could form carcinogenic nitrosoamines in meat when exposed to high temperature, but this could be countered with the addition of Vitamin C and E as these antioxidants may inhibit the formation of nitorsoamines. “Botcha”, on the other hand, or meat taken from an animal that has died of disease, must not be consumed, instead, the dead animal should be properly disposed by burning or burying the diseased animal carcass, Alfonso said. He also cited Department of Health (DOH) Assistant Secretary Eric Tayag who said that people who eat meat of diseased pigs can contract all sorts of illnesses which can lead to death. There are also no assurances that after cooking botcha, the meat is already safe to eat, or all the bacteria are gone. Also with Alfonso at the NUTRICOMNET monitoring-meeting and media forum was Marilou Galang, Sr. Science Research Specialist, who talked on the country’s Nutrition Situation and Consequences of Malnutrition. The activity, which was facilitated by DOST-Aklan headed by Provincial Science and Technology Director Jairus Lachica, was attended by Aklan’s local media, government information officers and representatives from the academe. (VGV PIA6 Aklan)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Aklanon News: DOT, igaduso ro mala-baeangaw nga mga kilid it karsada sa WV

KALIBO, Aklan, Oktubre 22 (PIA6) -- Ro puno it kolor nga mga kilid it karsada sa bilog nga Western Visayas hay plano nga taw-an it katumanan it Department of Tourism (DOT). Ginhambae ni DOT 6 Regional Director Helen Catalbas nga raya hay matabu paagi sa pagtanum it mga nagabueak nga hardin sa kilid it mga karsadahon agud makatao it dugang pa gid nga atraksyon para sa mga turista nga nagaadto sa rehiyon. Suno kana, pwede nga umpisahan ro pagtanum halin sa mga kilid it karsada halin sa Kalibo International Airport (KIA) paadto sa Caticlan, Malay, ro ginatabukan paadto sa isla it Boracay. Ro mga pagtanum hay pagahimuon man dayon sa mga karsadahon it mga probinsya it Rehiyon 6 agud ro kolor kara hay mangin matsa ana ku baeangaw, suno kay Catalbas. Ginpaabot ni Catalbas ro plano ngara sa sangka pagpakig-angot kana sa radyo nahanungod sa pagdungka it sangka cruise ship sa isla it Boracay kurundaya eamang. Ginhambae nana nga ro butang ngara hay ana pa nga ipresentar kay Governor Florencio T. Miraflores agud rayang plano hay magamadinaeag-on. Nag-apelar man imaw sa mga pumueuyo, mga pribadong sektor ag iba pang mga grupo sa probinsya agud rayang proyekto hay mapatigayon. (VGV PIA6 Aklan)

DOT bats for rainbow-colored Western Visayas roadsides

KALIBO, Aklan, October 22 (PIA6) -- The Department of Tourism (DOT) is batting to make everyday in Western Visayas a Flower Festival by making roadsides of the region colorful with planted flowering plants. DOT 6 Regional Director Atty. Helen Catalbas said the planting of flowering plants could be started first from Kalibo International Airport (KIA) to Caticlan, Malay, the jump-off point to Boracay Island, and then duplicated all over the region to make the roadsides colored “like the rainbow”. Catalbas shared this plan with radio listeners in an interview here recently on the arrival of a cruise ship in Boracay Island. Catalbas said she plans to take up this matter with Aklan Governor Florencio T. Miraflores for this project to successfully take off. She also appealed to barangays folks, the private sectors and other entities to help make this project successful. (VGV PIA6 Aklan)

Friday, October 18, 2013

14 Aklan establishments join DTI's "Diskwento" sal

KALIBO, Aklan, October 18 (PIA6) -- Fourteen (14) business establishments in Kalibo will be joining the In-Store “Diskwento” Sale Project here organized by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) as one of the major activities of the agency in celebration of Consumer Welfare Month this October. DTI-Aklan Provincial Director Diosdado Cadena Jr. said these establishments include AIM School Supply, Baclaran Sa Kalibo, City Square Traders, Gaisano Capital, Kalibo, Kok’s Stitch and Crafts (3 branches in Kalibo), Lind’s Dry Goods Store, Maxx Enterprise, New Fu’s Merchandise, New Magdalena Marketing, Otto General Merchandise, Startline Furniture, Stella’s Marketing, Susan’s Dry Goods Store and Thumbelina Books and Supplies. These establishments, which offer school supplies, school shoes/uniforms, ready to wear items, fashion accessories, gift items, kitchen wares, furniture, cellphones, and Christmas lights/decors, will be selling at discounted prices ranging from 5%, 10%, 20% and 50%. Cadena said the holding of the “Diskwento” Sale Project intends to give consumers the chance to buy a wide variety of consumer products at discounted and affordable prices. At the same time, the project, which will be held from October 18 to 20, will also be an opportunity for manufacturers and dealers to practice their corporate social responsibility to consumers. Besides this “Diskwento” project, to celebrate Consumer Welfare Month, the DTI conducted early this month a forum on Consumerism attended by various municipal consumer associations and school-based consumer advocates clubs, heads and representatives of national government agencies and provincial offices and the media, and radio guestings to talk on the essence of consumer welfare, responsibilities of consumers and business establishments and other issues and concerns. This year’s theme is “Health products’ quality, efficacy and transparency…everybody’s concern. (DTI/JCM/VGV/PIA6 Aklan)